Fijit Friends are the latest hot toy on the market. They will make a great Christmas gift for the little girl in your life. There are several different characters to collect and the smart toy can interact with the child, so that they can dance together and talk to each other. They are battery operated and require five AA batteries.

These toys have been developed with young girls in mind. The manufacturer Mattel has set a recommended age of six years and older in order to get the most out of the gadget. There are four different interactive toys to collect. Each one weights about two pounds and is about ten inches by eight inches. They follow voice commands and can move around with the child.

The first Fijit Friend is Willa who is purple. She is the trend setting character and leader of the group. She loves fashion and uses lots of cool phrases. Next up is Sage the adventurous green colored toy. She is an explorer who loves science and nature and has lots of phrases related to these subjects.

The third character is Serafina, who is pink. She is the girly one of the characters who loves fashion, make up, jewelry and shopping. You might hear her sing a lot. The final character is Logan who is the sporty one. She is blue and she loves sports, gadgets and computer games. When selecting your gift you could go for the personality closest to the child or their favorite color.

Fijit Friends work by voice recognition with each character recognizing up to thirty phrases. They also have beat detection. This means that when music is played the toy will dance around to it. The bright colors are appealing to young children and they are made out of an elastic material which makes them look very animated.

The characters ears are fully interchangeable so that you can customize your friend. For extra fun you can log onto the website where your toy will be able to recognize Sonic Chirps. These are audio codes that are set up onto the website. When the toy is in Sonic Chirp mode and it hears one of the Chirps it will prompt a response from them.

If you are looking for an interesting new toy for your daughter, granddaughter or niece this Christmas you can not go wrong with the interactive Fijit Friends. Little girls will love to sing and dance with their little friends.



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